ensemble exhibition opening

I was in Melbourne last week for the opening of fashion designer Rioko Tega’s Ensemble exhibition.


Image by Frankie Malt.

The show includes ‘The Patternmaker’, my collaboration with Rioko. It comprises a forthcoming short story I wrote for Sydney Noir (Akashic Books, 2018) using a fictional Rioko as the protagonist, plus a staged photograph in which the real Rioko recreates her fictional counterpart. The photo was shot by Sean Meaney.


Image by Frankie Malt. I’m wearing a favourite TEGA Boniko dress.

The exhibition runs until 26 December at BlackCat Gallery, 95 Johnston Street, Collingwood, Victoria.

If you drop by, make sure you pick up some exhibition notes and check out new pieces from Rioko’s TEGA Boniko label – they are for sale. Also check out Rio’s collaborations with philosopher Damon Young and musician/artist Tina Stefanou.

These are some of my own photos from the night.

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