national young writers’ festival

I’m pleased to be heading to Newcastle for the National Young Writers’ Festival this year. Details of my sessions are as follows.

Baby Shower

Friday 29 September, 6.30pm–7.45pm

We’re having a BAAAABY! Actually, lots of babies. Come and celebrate with everyone who has birthed a paper baby into the world this year. The baby shower you wish all the other baby showers you’ve been to could have been.

With James Colley, Brodie Lancaster and Nevon Zisin.

Elderly Citizens Centre, corner Laing and Morgan Street, Newcastle.

Grand Final Commentary

Saturday 30 September, 2pm–5pm

“Go the maggots!” “What a good catch.” “How many points is that again?” Grand final commentary like you’ve never heard it before. Super sports open mic at half time.

With Genevieve Buzo, James Colley,Melissah Comber,Freya Daly Sadgrove, Hera Lindsay Bird, Rebecca Shaw and Evan Young.

Diggers Club, 175 Scott Street, Newcastle.

Comedy as a Weapon

Saturday 30 September, 5pm–5.45pm

These conscientious objectors bring their rage to the page and make you gasp with laughs. But do comedians have an obligation to comment on the world?

With Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, Deirdre Fidge and Patrick Marlborough.

Vinyl Cafe, 4 Perkins Street, Newcastle.


More program details here.


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