noted festival: what role does the LOL play?


I’m heading to Canberra in May for Kanganoulipo’s first public outing: ‘What role does the LOL play?’ at Noted Festival.

Douglas Adams once said that humour is ‘the most underrated gift in literature.’ For a nation that prides itself on its sense of humour, it is often very hard to find it in our fiction. This panel brings together three of our funniest and most-inventive short story writers, to discuss the role of comedy and humour in story-telling.

Eric Yoshiaki Dando (snail), Patrick Lenton (A Man Made Entirely of Bats) and I are on the panel, with Robert Skinner (The Canary Press) presiding.

Hope to see you there!


Details: Saturday 6 May, 12pm–1pm, at Smiths Alternative, Alinga Street, Canberra.

Portraits by Jeff the Peff.

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