‘the wall’ in the canary press issue 10

I’m ridiculously excited to have a tiny story, ‘The Wall’, in Issue 10 of The Canary Press, a magazine I adore.

The covers by Gustavo Ortego are always brilliant.


Here’s one reason you should buy the magazine.

Here are several more:

Contents of Issue 10

Letters – Ryan O’Neill, Caitie Lawless
Etgar Keret – How to Make a Good Script Great
Carys Davies – The Quiet
Patrick Lenton – What is a Hornet
Chloe Smith – Hell is a Place
Paul Foot – Dalai Karma
Eric Yoshiaki Dando – When a Lion Attacks
Jennifer Mills – Blue, Red, Blue, Red, Blue
Julie Koh – The Wall
Dave Eggers – After I Was Thrown in the River and Before I Drowned


This beautiful illustration by Jeffrey Phillips accompanies my story.


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