‘magpie, magpie’ exhibition

One of my favourite collaborators, NYC-based graphic artist Matt Huynh, recently returned to Sydney for an advance preview of his latest comic book, Magpie, Magpie.

A one night only exhibition of original artwork from the comic was held on 4 September at Riley Street Studio, the Surry Hills photography studio and creative space run by my great pal, Oskar Henning.

Magpie, Magpie is an Australian Gothic haunted house story of abandoned lovers in a deserted land. Morgan, with little left to lose, kidnaps his own daughter and flees town with his mistress. When they are separated in a storm, he takes shelter in an abandoned hotel where he is greeted by the suspicious generosity of a lovelorn stranger obsessively living out the rituals necessary to preserve life as it was with his long departed lover.

Painted in acrobatic lines and pulsing visual rhythms, Huynh’s latest offering is a hypnotic, ringing lament in ink and pulp. Preview the comic in full here.

Below are shots of the night taken by the hugely talented Haline Ly, director of Whale Design Co.


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