photos: launch of the sleepers almanac no. 9

Monday was the launch of The Sleepers Almanac No. 9 and I had the best time, as always.

I tried but failed to take a photo of the audience from the stage (having forgotten to take my flash with me), so you’ll just have to imagine that picture. Also, some of the shots of the other authors who read from their work are from a terrible angle, and I somehow made Rafael SW look like he was born with a microphone inserted into his face.

As I said to Lou and Zoe, it’s lucky I’m a better writer than photographer.

Reviews of No. 9 have started to come in – check out David Sornig’s piece on the carnival that is the Almanac over at The Melbourne Review.

And don’t forget – besides the paper book and ebook versions of the Almanac, there is a Sleepers iPhone app you can download, which contains every single Almanac story ever published (including three by me).

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