the lifted brow no. 14

Image: Anna Zhu.

The comeback edition of The Lifted Brow (No. 14) is out now.

In it is a super short review I wrote about Peter Corris’ 1980 crime fiction debut, The Dying Trade, which introduced the wisecracking, hardboiled detective, Cliff Hardy. My piece was part of a team effort to review 30 Australian classics recently released by Text Publishing.

The Text Classics series aims to unearth out-of-print Australian literature for new readers. It’s a worthwhile venture: while doing research for my review, I read a 1991 interview in Australian Playboy in which Corris said he doubted any of his Cliff Hardy books would be remembered in 10 or 20 years’ time. It’s been over two decades since that interview and this year has seen the republication of The Dying Trade as a well-loved Australian classic, as well as the release of Corris’ 38th Hardy book, Comeback.

But back to The Lifted Brow! Other contributors to this issue include Matt Huynh, Benjamin Law, Michelle Law, Ryan O’Neill, Rebecca Harkins-Cross, Ronnie Scott, Sam Twyford-Moore, Aden Rolfe, Estelle Tang, Lisa Dempster, Angela Meyer, Fiona Wright, Chris Flynn, Madeleine Crofts, Sam Cooney, Connor Tomas O’Brien and Anna Krien.

If you’d like to buy a copy of this edition (or an annual subscription), click here. There are also a couple of special Brow offers for this week only, so get in quick.

  • Australian readers can get a Bag ‘o’ Brows for A$50, including 7 (not the usual 6) issues, a download code for the new Lifted Brow ebook and a personalised handwritten love letter.
  • Anyone who buys an annual 6-issue subscription will also get a free back issue, a download code for the new Lifted Brow ebook and a personalised handwritten love letter.

You don’t want to miss out on a love letter from the guys at the Brow. It would be one to keep in your pocket for all time so you can read it out loud to anyone who’ll listen.

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