a4 paper festival: yoshinobu miyamoto

A horribly late post but better almost a year late than never!

Professor Yoshinobu Miyamoto, a paper engineer and Professor of Architecture at the Aichi Institute of Technology in Japan, visited Sydney in June last year to present at the Paper Convention Collective‘s A4 Paper Festival.

He is famous for creating amazing paper models like this:

Here are some photos I took at the Professor’s A4 Festival workshop at The Paper Mill, Angel Place, where he taught us how to make a paper model similar to the one shown in the video:

This is what the finished model was meant to look like:

This is what our team’s finished model looked like. Deliberate, of course:

While in Sydney, Professor Yoshinobu created a paper sphere on a grand scale, with the assistance of a team from the University of Technology, Sydney:

Here are more examples of his work, which were on display at The Paper Mill during the festival:

Also on display were works by other paper artists, including this piece by Kaitland Burrows:

Take Me To A Higher Plane by Matthew Roland Bannister:

and The Island by Hattie Newman:

You can view more of the Professor’s incredible paper creations by clicking through to his Flickr photostream. He’s also given some great interviews over at desktop magazine and upon a fold.

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