halcyon days with yumi takahashi: day 8

Dear Julie,

Thanks for your gorgeous video and photos…they are amazing, I love all the ice cream vans! It reminded me of walks in the park. I loved the ice-cream vans and the ice-cream with the sprinkles and the flake sticking out of the side… but it always looked so much better then how it tasted? I could never finish the whole thing?!

So your lovely images inspired some drawings with ice-creams and bows and sprinkles!


p.s. thank you so much for letting me be part of your blog. It was so fun playing ideas off each other xxx


A note from Julie

And on that exquisitely cute note, Yumi and I have come to the end of our 8-day collaboration. We did slow down in the final days, so thanks for hanging in there with us! We’re hoping to collaborate again when Yumi’s back in Sydney — perhaps on an illustrated story. We’ll keep you posted on that.

Had our collaboration been longer, I would have turned our Halcyon Days discussion to the topic of nostalgia for early romance. Will keep this subject in mind for possible future posts.

Thanks to Yumi for her beautiful and generous contributions to this blog. If you’d like to continue following her artistic journey, she blogs with Taka at Dear Plastic and maintains her personal blog here.

Thanks again for following our collaboration.

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