the fantastic breasts

I have a new eBook out called The Fantastic Breasts. The cover was designed by the brilliant Sydney-based artist, Gee Hale, who was a real pleasure to work with. Gee’s portfolio is available here. Editorial thanks go to my mentor, Dr Stephen Carver of The Book Surgery.

The Fantastic Breasts is one of my less mainstream short stories: a dark satire about a man who meets a pair of irresistible breasts that are both absurdly elastic and truly fantastic.  If you’re a minor, it would be a good idea to talk to a parent or guardian first about downloading this one.

I first sketched out the plot for this story while on a date with a pleasant martini at Tokyo’s New York Bar. Turns out that coasters are useful plotting aids.

I think I’d just visited Tokyo Dome that day, which is how baseball ended up in the story!

If you’d like to read The Fantastic Breasts, you can download it for free via Smashwords (in all major eReader formats plus computer-friendly formats like RTF and PDF); Barnes & Noble; the Sony ReaderStore; or Apple, through iTunes or the iBook app on your iPad or iPhone (iOS4 or above).

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