eronnie samuels: the spark exhibition

The Spark Exhibition opened on Saturday 27 August at Sun Studios.  It features the work of Eronnie Samuels, a Polynesian artist, who has a studio in the warehouse where I write.  We’ve been comparing notes on the creative process over the past few months and it’s been fascinating for me to watch how this exhibition has developed over time.

Here are some photos I took on opening night.  They don’t do the artworks justice, so you might want to pop down to the exhibition (at 42 Maddox Street, Alexandria) before it closes at the end of this week.

You can view clearer and more detailed images of the pieces in the exhibition on Ronnie’s website, where you can also find out more about his artistic philosophy and body of work to date.

Thanks to Ronnie for letting me share photos of his beautiful new work on this blog.

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