i get by with a little help from matt huynh

The banners for this blog were designed by the incredibly talented illustrator, Matt Huynh.  I felt very lucky to be able to work with him for the first time (hopefully it’s not the last!).

Since my intent for this blog is to talk about the creative process, Matt suggested that he draw elements of my writing studio to show you a bit about the space in which I work.  Some time down the track, I’ll post photos of my studio so you can see how wonderfully Matt interpreted my daily sanctuary.

We ended up with a final set of four banners for me to set on rotation on this blog.  You might have noticed, however, that there are more than these four banners on display.  This is because, in the end, I decided to throw some of Matt’s draft banners into the mix with the final set.  Strange, I know, but since this blog is all about the development of ideas from start to finish, I thought it fitting to show you the steps we took along the way to the final product.  Plus, I just really like all the drafts and it would have been a waste not to show them to you.


My original idea was to put a static, black and white banner on the blog.  Good idea I got an illustrator involved!  Matt took some of the dominant colours in my studio and showed me how they might be used to good effect in the following sketches.


Matt then refined the drawings, producing them in ink and brush versions (the latter are displayed below).  He dropped my handwriting into the banner, changed the shading style and limited the colour palette to what we thought might work best on the blog.


The final set.  Ahhh.  Blue versions included, with shading in solid colours.

The banners Matt designed were a happy surprise for me.  They unexpectedly reflected my personality, the best-loved parts of my workspace and even the cartoonish style I use when drawing story ideas with a black Sharpie on white paper.

Matt’s illustrative talents run much deeper than the small sample above can possibly show.  You can view more of Matt’s impressive body of work by visiting his website, Matt Huynh Illustration.  You can also read a bit more about Matt in this artist profile by Tanya Sun at Vibewire.

Some of Matt’s illustrations are featured in Aleksander and the Robot Maid, a Drop Bear Theatre production currently playing at The Reginald Theatre (Seymour Centre).  It’s a steampunk robot adventure that’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you know any kids aged 8 and up.  I loved watching it.  The season finishes this Saturday (9 July 2011), so time to buy some tickets!

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