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I’m a fiction writer from Sydney, Australia.  The main purpose of this website is to provide information about my work, however, I also intend to discuss the creative process and provide you with insights into the methods I use to develop my work and keep the creativity flowing.

This blog is called The Fictional Julie Koh, partly because fiction writing requires that I imagine myself into the lives of others.  The other reason for the title of this blog is to help you distinguish between me and the exotic Korean “glamour and figure model” of the same name.

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2 thoughts on “the fictional julie koh

  1. Last night I was at the MLC speech night as a parent = a big thank you for your inspiration, insight and way of seeing the world outside the box. You deeply touched me and I believe many others.Thank you for being you , my confidence in being me has been nourished .

    I have written poetry for years and I am prudently going through the process of editing and sifting through the good, the bad and frankly the not at all necessary. My hope is to have it published .

    My interest would be to follow your process of creative writing , to come to understand and learn some useful skills that you so eloquently expressed last night. I am a trained Classical dancer having recently returned to the dance now that our daughter has completed her year twelve studies. My training was within the tradition of the Russian school which I undertook in London between 1981-1988, performing with a small group.

    Dreams are wakeful for after my HSC sat at Kambala in 1979 I left Australia for that main reason, to peruse my dream of the dance, of life and well being.

    Your inspiration has confirmed in me this notion of dreaming, whilst awake and I trust that these states may ever be our true source of action and belief.

    Yours dreamingly,
    Robyn Dath 😉

    • Hi Robyn,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I’m glad you were touched by my speech. It makes me very happy to know that, when I do a rather “out there” speech, there are people in the audience who identify with it and don’t think I’m a complete lunatic.

      It’s great to hear about your poetry and your return to classical dancing.

      I see that you’ve subscribed to the blog. I hope you find what I post useful for your creative process and please let me know if there are any topics in particular that you’d like me to cover. Looking forward to keeping in touch.

      Best regards,


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